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Berry Amelia © Sofia Cardoso

Being the foodie I am, I decided to develop a conceptual branding project for a home based bakery and catering business based in New England that specializes in bringing together homemade and handmade desserts, where the main ingredient is red fruits. Run by Amelia and her two grandchildren, this family owned business is known for their passion for red fruits and family recipes with a modern twist. Natural, artisan and freshly baked, they use the same ingredients and techniques as those used in home baking. Their treats are made with quality ingredients and they pride themselves for using locally grown flour and staying away from food preservatives. Their main ingredient comes from some of the best fruit farms in the world, giving their desserts a special flavour and natural sweetness.
For this project I wanted to highlight their artisan and homemade qualities while also giving it a modern twist without losing the warmth from being a family owned business. Hand drawn elements with a vintage tone, personalized dessert illustrations, signature pattern, a playful yet modern typography combined with a soft pink and a berry shade, I was able to balance both their individuality and their passion for these fruits. Below you can see the moodboard I created for this project, as well as, some print elements such as square business cards, stickers, flag shaped tags and their bakery - catering menu.

Berry Amelia © Sofia Cardoso
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